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Cabin Bettie by Lake

DIY cabin frame
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We already introduced one DIY cabin Bettie, remember? Now we’ve met another one! Seems like they could become lakeside cabins, because this one is as well placed in the forest with stunning view over a lake and it suits her very much. She is not completed yet. She is still under construction, so we cannot introduce her to you fully, but we find photos documenting construction in progress of our building plans also very exciting and are always happy to show you too. Thank you Alex for sharing with us!

It gives us a great chance to watch her birth from the very first steps, beginning with foundations and their first steps, whereby the surveying has been done with ropes marking the placement of the foundations and the main pillars in concrete have been set out.

surveying pillar in concrete foundations
Timber foundation surveying

After that the floor joists were placed, first in one direction and on top of them in another direction, connected with metal fasteners and creating the main floor framing structure.

pillar in concrete foundation
Setting out foundations and floor joists
timber floor frame
The timber floor framing is emerging

Once the floor was finished, the main timber framework came up. On this photo we can see the wall frames with all the headers, battens and diagonal bracing. The future front porch may slowly start to appear too!

cabin wall framing
Floor frames with diagonal bracing are almost completed

And here the front porch has almost emerged! We can see the columns made of natural looking wood framing its front, very beautiful. Also the roof is on its way, with the main roof truss completed.

wood cabin frame
Timber frame of cabin Bettie with roof truss
small wood cabin under construction
Detail of the wall and roof framing

The construction seems to be going well and we say fingers crossed for it to be successfully finished (and us having photos of it). Look again how beautiful place Alex chose for Bettie, lucky her!

wooden cabin by lake
Small cabin Bettie – structural frame

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