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Wood Shingle Roof

We have already shown several types of roofing materials, such as  metal and asphalt, and we have also discussed what materials are the best for walls. Next, we learnt what things are important when building stable foundations for your tiny house. Today, we are going to discuss the penultimate sub-chapter of roofing materials: wooden shingles. Wood shingle roof will make your small house cozy and natural!

As you can see from some of our tiny house plans, like Aiko or Frances, one of the most beautiful as well as the most traditional materials used for building the best roofs in your dream house is wood. The most traditional and resistant form is the cleaved shingle which is usually about 24”/600mm long, formed by cleaving wood in a radial direction. The wood fibres thus remain unbroken, which makes them more resistance to exterior influences. The second type, the cut shingle, requires a less complex process.

Shingles laid on roof battens


The beauty of it rests in the fact that a wooden shingle roof is completely DIY building friendly. Plus, like most other types of roofing, shingles can be used as exterior cladding on horizontal walls. This not only has a decorative, but also a fortifying effect. You just need to be aware of several important precautions.


Dormer windows covered by wood shingles


There are several shapes that shingles are made. One of the basic ones are the typical fishscale and octagon. Then there are other types of shingles, like Sawtooth, square butt, diamond or chisel, all of which you can see below.

One of the main precautions is to always make sure that your shingles overlap correctly. This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent leakages. You should also ensure every corner is protected with a ridge. The ridges could be either metallic or wooden: the choice is yours.

Another thing that deserves attention is the structure for supporting the shingles. The picture below shows how it works:



So, now you know what and how on wooden shingles. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. If you liked this article, you can find us on facebook. This article was an excerpt from the book HOW TO BUILD A TINY HOUSE by Joshua Woodsman. You can order this book directly from our website. Order today, build tomorrow! Build your own dream! #pinitup #pinuphouses!!