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4 Storage Hacks To Keep Your Tiny Home Stylish And Organized

Living in a tiny home means you have limited space to store your things. You may have to throw away some items if you can’t find a place for them. Additionally, you have to make smart decisions when decorating your interior since displaying many items may result in a cluttered home. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between an organized and stylish house. 

By following these tips, you can keep your household neat and clutter-free.  

  1. Store Items In Drawers  

It’s normal to accumulate items like clothes, accessories, and other household items over time. Although you may not notice it, keeping many objects without getting rid of old ones will start to make your living space messier. If you don’t have any place to store them, you may not have a choice but to leave them scattered around your home.  

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Hence, if you want an organized home, one essential storage piece you should keep on your property is a drawer. It’s a space-saving piece that allows you to put many items in one place without taking up too much area. Some drawers have three or more divisions you can use to categorize and store smaller items like underwear, school supplies, or keys. You can also display some of your accessories on top of it to make your interior more stylish. 

Placing a few drawers in different parts of your home, like the living room and bedroom, will help keep your interior clean. Furthermore, it’s easy to find furniture that matches the design of your home. This means you won’t need to choose between functionality and style. You can check out RJ Living drawers and products from other stores to find a suitable drawer for your residence.  

  1. Install Shelves  

A small house has limited opportunities for efficient storage. However, this shouldn’t stop you from finding smart ways to maximize your home space. If you don’t have enough floor area for more storage furniture, upgrading your walls and installing shelves may be an excellent idea. 

If you want to find a place for small house items like books, ornaments, or decorations, putting them on shelves may be an excellent idea. You won’t worry about bumping into storage furniture every time you walk around your tiny home. Additionally, they’re a great storage piece to keep fragile items out of reach if you live with children or pets.  

You can add shelves to your tiny home if you have the right construction tools. Doing so will save you some money since you won’t need to pay for labor fees. Additionally, purchasing the shelf pieces may be more affordable than hiring an installation company. However, you should ensure you secure the material on your wall to prevent any accidents if you’re doing the project.  

  1. Utilize Your Bed  

You shouldn’t overlook the space underneath your bed if you need storage space. It’s a great place to keep some seasonal items you don’t use all the time. You can use it to lessen the items in your closet and keep your bedroom neat. 

For instance, if you need more space for your summer clothes, you can store your winter pieces in boxes and put them underneath the bed. After all, you won’t have any opportunity to use them during the warm season, and keeping them in a closet isn’t efficient.  

Putting things you don’t use under the bed will keep unnecessary items out of your sight. It’ll reduce the clutter that may make your house appear messy. Additionally, it’s accessible, so you won’t need to struggle each time you need to take something out.  

  1. Replace Your Bathroom Mirror  

Storage opportunities are available in every corner of your home. You only need to know which areas to upgrade to maximize your space. For instance, you may think you can’t improve how you organize your bathroom because you can’t put too many furnishings inside. However, minor changes can make a difference, especially if you have a tiny home.  

For example, you can replace the mirror above your sink with a mirror cabinet to have space for your hygiene products. You can use it to empty your shower and sink so that your bathroom will look clean and organized. You won’t worry about scattered bottles or products everywhere whenever you’re trying to get ready.  

Using a mirror cabinet for all your bathroom items will also make cleaning the room easier. So, it’s a great addition you can consider for your tiny home.  

Final Thoughts  

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean not having enough storage space for your things. Simple upgrades like adding shelves or replacing your bathroom mirror can provide efficient and stylish storage options.