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A Few Good Reasons to Build and Live in a Small House

Ok. So you found our web. You may have come across some of our house plans. You picked your favourite, perhaps it was Billie, or Bernie or Lisa, our newer projects. But there is something uncommon about them, and it’s not just the design or that they are made of wood. It’s their size! They are tiny houses. Tiny wooden houses. You may be asking why build a tiny house and not a brick one. If that’s your case, here are some of the main reasons why choose this alternative.


  1. You can build it much quicker than a brick house. There is a direct proportion relationship: the smaller the house, the earlier it is finished. The building should be completed over one season. The semi-finished structure will not be exposed to inclement weather in winter.


  1. Law in order. Yup, you guessed it. Less papers, more living. The legislature in most states declares that you do not need a building permit for a house that occupies about 270 ft2 / 25 m2 and up to 17 ft / 5 metres of height. Small buildings are generally easier to push through construction regulations. A great positive feature is the absence of concrete foundations which automatically upgrade the project into a different, more complex category. But 5 metres of height are not too small. As you can see from our palette of two-storey house plans, 5 metres is perfectly enough for two storeys. Plus, with efficient use of space in the interior (check out our blog entry on it here), you can still have well enough space for your comfort and belongings.


  1. Less is more. Less money, more building. Every additional space increases the costs of heating and house maintenance.


  1. Gradual growth. There is no need for an unavoidable mortgage. The house can be smaller and extended according to your family’s increasing needs as your life flows. For this purpose, you can have a design that includes the easy extension option, like you can see it in Kelly, one of our expandable small house plans.


  1. Time saving. You do not need to spend time doing the paperwork around the house, plus, with less space used, there is also less space for mess, and that means only one thing – less trouble with tidying up!


  1. Flexibility. A tiny house is no big burden and, therefore, parting with it is easier. If you wish to move, a small house is much less of an obstacle than a grand villa. Smaller properties are also easier to sell. In fact, we are currently working on an exciting project – house on four wheels. True, there are enough of mobilhomes, but this is different – you will be able to attach your tiny house to your car!


  1. Harmony. A small house integrates into its immediate surroundings better. It can achieve harmony with the trees, shape of the landscape and the surrounding buildings much easier than a brickhouse. With no concrete foundations, all you need is to measure the proper, adequate height of each pillars on which the house will stand and that’s your only problem. With a brick house, you would need an even, flat ground to start building, which often requires a professional intervention, which mostly involves having to bulldoze certain area, and that means nothing more than another costs.


Like these reasons? Can you think of more? Let us know and give us a like on facebook!

You will find much more of these interesting pieces of information in our step-by-step guidebook HOW TO BUILD A TINY HOUSE by none other than Joshua Woodsman.

What are you waiting for? Start building on Monday and living on Sunday ;-)! It’s that simple! You can check out one of our project’s videos on youtube, where we demonstrated how easy you can build some of our projects. In fact, it took us less than a week to build a Prefab Tiny House.


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