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Concrete Foundation Footings

country cottages Christie

country cottages Christie
Wooden cottage Christie

Materials for concrete foundation

  • Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water) or complex dry concrete mix
  • Boards / planks
  • Anchor bolts
  • Metal fasteners – basic
the front porch rim joists
Example of concrete footings on our small cabin Bettie

Concrete foundation footings method

Cast in situ concrete foundation footings are a type of concrete foundation suitable for example for low-cost, simple single-storey small houses made of wood. For these, the dimensions would be about 14” x 14” / 350 x 350 with a depth of about 24” / 600 mm.

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It is crucial to begin with proper survey and right measurements of the future cast in situ concrete foundation, so that you can dig pits that correspond with the project documents. Their inside dimensions will be used to prepare a formwork made of boards or planks, which will be installed to shape the part of a foundation footing above the ground.

After reassuring that the formwork is prepared firmly in its place, pour concrete in and install the anchor bolt inside. It acts as a rebar in reinforced concrete – helping to reinforce the resistance of in situ concrete against tension, while the material itself has an amazing strength when under compression. Fix also the metal fasteners. After the concrete cures properly, it is ready for the floor joists to be installed. It is also possible to add gravel as an aesthetic finish to the surroundings of the foundation.

cast in situ concrete foundation hole
a) Start by digging the holes for the foundations.
in situ concrete foundation formwork
b) Prepare the formwork for the concrete footing part above the ground. It is important to ensure that the measurements are correct and corresponding with the internal dimensions of the future foundations.
bolts for concrete blocks foundation
c) When the formwork is in its place, you can pour the concrete and install the anchor bolts in the right position.
floor joist for DIY concrete foundation
d) Once the concrete has cured, remove the formwork and install floor joints. You can also add gravel to the surroundings to create an aesthetic finish.

Timber structure and small house plans guide

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