Small Country Cottage House Plans Jane


Country cottage house plans with construction process

  • complete set of small cottage plans + CAD set
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete material list + tool list
  • eBook How to build a tiny house included
  • DIY Furniture plans included
  • DIY building cost $10,000

house-sample-plansFREE sample plans
of one of our design

Small country cottage

Jane is 245 sq. ft. / 22,8 m2 sweet tiny cottage. It is 17′-11″ x 11′-7″ / 5,5 x 3,5 m 2 bedroom cottage, a timber frame structure with gambrel roof, generous covered 48 sq. ft. / 4,5 m2 front porch and easily accessible loft 116 sq. ft. / 10,8 m2, where the 2 bedrooms are located.

What will you get

Timber construction step by step guide

Small country cottage house plans

Complete set of cottage house plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors


eBook How to Build a Tiny House Included

  • Over 1000 illustrations
  • 276 pages

Complete material list + tool list

Complete set of material list + tool list. A very detailed description of everything you need to build your country cottage.


Cottage designs Jane

Jane is one of our cottage designs. This small country cottage is an ideal vacation or getaway spot. It includes everything you need but remains very cozy and homey to enjoy your well-deserved rest or nice moments with friends and family in a lovely atmosphere. With its generous fenced front porch, Jane is very suitable for some picturesque location by the lake, woods, or elsewhere surrounded by beautiful nature. The porch is entirely covered, giving you a chance to enjoy great views and fresh air anytime during the day or in the evening and even if the weather is not the best. Its porch provides main access into this small country cottage and will lead you to one of the two rooms on the ground floor. It is up to you how you use them – be it storage space and a living room, kitchen and a relaxing room, place to socialize and a study or anything else you can think of. The bathroom is located on this floor as well, right by the wooden steps leading to a loft, divided into two rooms.

Construction PDF plans

After famous Pin-up girl Jane Russell, Jane is popular among our small country cottage house plans and cottage designs. It is a charming wooden house with a covered front porch and gambrel roof. Its timber construction frame can stand on concrete footings or ground screw foundations. The timber-framed floor is made of wooden planks and OSB boards. Similarly, they are used on the roof, where a corrugated metal sheet covers them. The wall cladding is made of plywood boards. The entire structure is insulated, and the front porch is covered. Windows bring the light in from all four sides on the ground floor, and each of the loft rooms has its own gable window as well, so you can enjoy a view of the star sky before falling asleep. If you order Jane, you will receive a PDF plan with proper construction details and instructions. So having your own small country cottage has never been easier! Are you curious to see more of our cottage designs? By all means! Please look at other cottages with porch or loft, or browse through our entire selection of small house plans.


Built-Up Area

209 sq. ft. / 19,4 m²

Total Floor Area

293 sq. ft. / 27,3 m²

1st. floor

177 sq. ft. / 16,5 m²


116 sq. ft. / 10,8 m²


48 ft² / 4,5 m²


17′-11″ x 11′-7″ / 5,5 x 3,5 m

DIY Building cost



electronic, printed+electronic


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6 years 5 months ago

Hi! I was wondering how you arrive at the DIY building cost for your houses. this one says $8.5k, but will that change based on region? Does it include tools?

6 years 5 months ago

It´s very rough estimate. It icludes raw material (plywood, timbers) and cheap equipment (shower kit, toilet).
I recommend you to make your own estimate according to prices in your region.

8 years 3 months ago

Can this one be put on wheels?

8 years 3 months ago


Christina Gutierrez
9 years 2 months ago

Absolutely adorable.. this totally redefines my concept of a perfect Cottage House Plan.. ^_^

9 years 26 days ago

Thank you for your nice words Christina 🙂