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Types of foundations: Pillar in concrete

wooden cabin Candy

Materials Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water) or complex dry concrete mix Rocks Timber – 2“x2“ / 100×100 mm or round timber pieces Basic metal fasteners Method The Pillar in concrete method of wooden foundations is recommended especially for buildings with their first floor elevated, located in areas with waterlogged soil or for sloping site house designs. A big […]

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How to set up a foundation


The first step in foundation construction is precise surveying. To stake the foundation position for a rectangular house correctly, we have to construct a right angle.   Hammer in the first stake and mark a right angle obtained by means of an angle. Measure out a length of rope to find out the position of the centres of other foundations, […]

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Types of tiny house foundations

Foundation slab - cabin Ann ; East Pennsylvania

Once you have selected your location, secured your design/plans for the project and prepared your material, stage one – the foundations – follows. The construction of foundations must consider the factors determining their type and dimensions. The bigger your building the more respect must be paid to the site factors. With tiny buildings of the garden woodshed type, foundations […]

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Masonry foundation


Material: 1.) Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water), complex dry concrete mix, or clay soil. 2.) Asphalt sheet 3.) Masonry materials – bricks/rocks/concrete blocks Method: The dimensions of a common foundation of this type amount to about 14″ x 14″/ 350 x 350mm, or even less. For gazebos and small garden tool sheds, bricks laid flat on the ground often suffice. […]