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Affiliate partnership

pin-up houses logo

Hi, my first target in this time is to develop this website. I will publish new categories of products in the upcoming weeks and months. I want to focus on the small shelters, saunas and other tiny garden buildings. I am thinking about new category called “Pin-Up fun”, where I would like to publish plans of […]

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Tiny House Alice

DIY cabin plans with loft section

I published a new tiny house called Alice. I believe, that it’s one of the best designs in my portfolio, so let’s learn a bit more about this house. The Classical wooden frame construction is filled with mineral wool ensuring proper insulation. The dominant feature of the house is the generous space of main living […]

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Gazebo Plans Clara

building plans for shed playhouse

We sold one of our garden sheds Clara not long time ago and I received some photos from our DIY builder. It is pretty good feeling to see some object, which you designed. Clara is a garden shed or a playhouse, it depends on the user. I’m planning to add some other product categories like playhouses plans, beach […]

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Tiny Houses Future

Human population is still growing and we have to search for smart and accessible solutions. Project Pin-Up Houses are not revolutionary and do not offer special products or new technologies. Pin-up Houses project brings just another perspective on the minimalist housing. My target is to move the knowledge just a little bit ahead. Knowledge about living on […]

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Tiny Houses or Skyscrapers?

I’m an architect. I have finished university and my whole professional life is ahead of me. All the time during my studies I used to hear from my professors and students that our target is clear: “to find design studio as fast as possible and start to design skyscrapers and huge office buildings“. It is the only way […]